The Pre-Professional Division s designed for the serious dance student who is interested in pursuing a professional career in dance or is preparing for a college dance program. Classes in the pre-professional division are supported by a live accompanist, adding a secondary artist to support and facilitate our teaching faculty.  Live piano accompaniment helps students develop musicality and awareness of rhythmic patterns, counts, accents and nuance.


Under the leadership of Artistic Director Cynthia Young, the PDT Conservatory has earned a reputation as San Gabriel Valley's foremost ballet school offering dancers one of the most rewarding dance educations available.  It is also the official home of Pasadena Dance Theatre.  Our comprehensive curriculum is grounded in classical training designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of ballet and contemporary dance.


For any aspiring dancer one of the most invaluable experiences is to perform before a live audience.  PDT Conservatory students are provided three performance opportunities each year.  Students may audition for Pasadena Dance Theatre’s professional production of The Nutcracker.  By performing with professionals, students acquire stage decorum, build self-esteem, and learn to transition from student to professional.   Auditions for children's roles in this production are open to the public.  


In the spring, all registered students are strongly encouraged to take part in the end of the year performance of the Conservatory In Concert. This is a ticketed public event where each level demonstrates exercises and skills acquired throughout the year.  


Students who participate in all weeks of the Summer Intensive perform in an exciting performance encompassing many styles of dance on the last day of the Intensive.


The PDT Conservatory accepts students year-round.  However, we highly recommend that our students register at the beginning of the academic year to gain maximum growth as a dancer. New students are welcome at any time during our academic year. Tuition is prorated accordingly. Our highly-regarded Summer Intensive Program is a perfect time to explore and experience our curriculum offerings.


Evaluations will be provided by the student's teacher and school director upon request.


Once students are accepted into the program tuition will be based on their levels. All students must pay a one-time registration fee of $50.  We encourage students to enroll for the entire year, and we offer options to pay by the trimester, or to set up a monthly payment plan. Payment for all classes, including evaluation/audition classes, must be made prior to participation in the class. All classes paid in arrears will be charged at the single class rate.  Late fees and penalties will apply.


At Pasadena Dance Theatre, female students wear a specific style and color of Eurotard-brand leotard for each level. In addition, each student should wear a white elastic waist band. The uniform is available by clicking HERE. Purchasing this way will benefit Pasadena Dance Theatre. 


Basic 1, 2 & 3: Child short sleeve leotard, Eurotard item # 1043 -- Black

Tech 1, 2 & 3: Adult pinch front “V”-back camisole leotard, Eurotard item # 10527
Tech 1: (Royal Blue), Tech 2 (Navy Blue) & Tech 3 (Hunter Green)

 All levels: Pink tights and pink ballet slippers


Basic 1 through Tech 3: White T-shirt, black tights, white stockings, white ballet slippers, dance belt and waist belt.

Watches, bracelets, necklaces, dangling earrings or heavy jewelry of any kind are not to be worn in class.

Dress Code Uniforms are available online through Eurotard by clicking HERE. Please sign in with the following ID and password:

ID: S-PD3459


Uniforms may also be purchased at The Red Shoes store.

A portion of your Eurotard online purchase will benefit Pasadena Dance Theatre. Online orders may be picked up at:

1018 Mission St. #1
South Pasadena, CA 91030