Launched in the spring of 2015, PDT's Boys Scholarship Program is aimed at recruiting boys from underserved communities interested in dance. Led by program director and professional dancer, Richard Bradley, the tuition-free program offers a place for boys to feel encouraged to pursue the art of dance in an environment that stresses discipline, focus, grace and presentation, hard work, and dedication.  This program is designed to foster creativity, enhance athletic skills, increase flexibility, build muscle strength and help develop coordination.  

          PDT's Conservatory is dedicated to bringing ballet and contemporary dance as well as other forms of dance into the lives of boys to provide performance opportunities whether they desire a professional career in dance or not.


          Boys participate in technique class corresponding to their level as well as boys ballet and contemporary dance. Boys are required to audition and commit to 4-6 dance classes per week from September through May in addition to production rehearsals.  

          During the Summer Intensive participants who take advantage of this program usually advance their technical, artistic, and performance skills.  Boys will also be exposed to a wide variety of dance styles, workshops, and special guest artists.  



          Boys will have the opportunity to perform in Pasadena Dance Theatre's annual production of The Nutcracker.  In addition, boys will also have another opportunity to perform if they participate in the Conservatory's Summer Intensive Program end of session showcase, Summer Showings. 



          Participation in this program is by audition only.  Auditions are held in the fall.  Please see audition calendar for more details.  All boys accepted into the program must re-audition every year on the scheduled audition date.  



Boys Scholarship Audition Class TBA

”Dance Needs Boys Like Boys Need Dance”